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Effective Treatments for Carpet & Dust Mites
16 Agustos 2014, 12:00

Treatment involves using Fumers in significant cases of house mite infestation and a suitable mites treatment spray. The mites spray that we would recommend is the Carpet and Dust Mite Trigger Spray or the Bambule Mites Spray in aerosol form for a natural alternative. Both should be used undiluted directly on affected surfaces. The spray is transparent and non-staining for carpets. Leave undisturbed to dry for 2-3 hours. If house mites are found in bedding, all bed linen needs to be washed at least 60 degrees temperature and the bed frame, mattress and carpets all be thoroughly vacuumed and sprayed.

House mites are, by virtue of their size and breeding habits, stubborn pests – repeat treatment may be required.