Now in TURKIYE. FIRST AND ONLY High Steam Pressured
and Strong Vacuum powered PROFESSIONAL CARPET
CLEANING COMPANY at your home or business location.
Also, expert on upholstery, bed, tile, grout cleaning
and extracting water from flood damages.
Date 26 February 2018, Monday - 04:28        
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  1. What is your difference from the regular classic carpet cleaning methods?  When carpets are washed with water, your carpets are taken from your home and brought back few days later after it dries. Pro Steam Power cleans your carpet at your home or bussiness place. Hoses that you will see during the cleaning is connected to the machine located outside in the van which extracts the dirt out. Regular carpet wash with water cleans the surface of your carpet leaving the bacteria and microbic organizms at the bottom of your carpet. With Pro Steam Power's cleaning process, dirt, bacteria and micro organizms that is accumulated in your carpet desolves with 250◦F heated steam power and with high vacuum pressure 99% of all is extracted from your carpet which leaves a hygenic environment.

  2. When does Pro Steam Power returns the cleaned carpets?  Your carpets are cleaned with a high tech equipments by professional personnel at your home or bussiness place.

  3. How long does it take for the carpet to dry?  Pro Steam Power’s new tech equipment with high vacuum pressure, your carpets dry within 2 hours with a regular air circulation.

  4. How do you price the cleaning job? Business places like hotels, restaurants, cinemas, airports, nursery homes, dormitories etc are priced per squarefeet of area and it is more economical and easier than regular carpet wash with water.

  5. Is it possible to get a cleaning service same day as calling for appointment? Although we recommend for you to call a day earlier, it is still possible to provide same day cleaning service depend on our availability.

  6. I live at 15th floor, is it possible for me to have my carpet cleaned?  Now, it is possible with Pro Steam Power to clean your carpets and upholstery at your home or bussiness places with powerful machines up to 150 meters (500 ft) distance or up to 20th floor.