Now in TURKIYE. FIRST AND ONLY High Steam Pressured
and Strong Vacuum powered PROFESSIONAL CARPET
CLEANING COMPANY at your home or business location.
Also, expert on upholstery, bed, tile, grout cleaning
and extracting water from flood damages.
Date 26 February 2018, Monday - 04:34        
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PRO STEAM POWER uses machines mounted inside a van, attached to high tech equipment with high pressured jet spray, strong vacuum, and 250 degrees of steamed water to clean carpets, upholstery, mattresses and tiles.

We can perform professional carpet and upholstery cleaning at distances up to 500 feet.  It is now possible with PRO STEAM POWER to clean your carpet and upholstery of your residence or business place up to 20th floor.  With this excellent machine, the cleaning solution is sprayed with steamed water pressure that helps desolve the dirt, while the strong vacuum extracts the dirt and soil out.  High vacuum pressured machines for extraction,  along with a fast and professional cleaning service allows the carpets to dry within 2 hours.  In addition, this process gets rid of 99% of the bacteria and microbic organizm out of your carpet which leaves you with a more hygienic environment.

You can expect the best from PRO STEAM POWER.  With outstanding and professional people, superior equipment and exceptional services we are proudly 100% behind the work we perform.

New system carpet cleaning, reliable and trustworthy, continuous service, clear and ethical pricing, guaranteed service, professional technicians and simple service request are the reasons you should prefer PRO STEAM POWER.